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Roadside Assistance

Fast, reliable, and flexible AAA will assist any time day or night.

AAA Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and covers YOU – as a driver or passenger. If we can't get you going, we'll take you someplace that will.

Call Us

AAA members can request 24-hour roadside assistance by calling:

1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357)

We will need your name, membership number and expiration date, type of vehicle and its exact location, its license plate number, the nature of the difficulty, and the tow destination. When calling, your location may be obtained to route your call to the nearest AAA Roadside Assistance Center.

Request Online

AAA Oklahoma accepts online requests for roadside assistance 24-hours a day, so you can be confident your service request will be handled promptly.

Download the AAA Mobile App

Get the FREE AAA Mobile app for your iPhone and Android. Even if you don't know where you are, the AAA Mobile app can help pinpoint your location and send your information directly to AAA.


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AAA Auto Buying

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Our professional consultants take care of everything in a relaxed, hassle-free manner to get you the vehicle you want. Learn more about AAA Auto Buying services.


  • Mike from AAA was at my car within 20 minutes. He did diagnostic, followed me home to be sure I made it safely, replaced my battery. He was professional, efficient & went above & beyond to assist me. Being stranded was very disconcerting - he made me really appreciate my AAA emergency service! Thank you - Lela, Tulsa
  • Our experience was fabulous! Dead battery. Jimmy Garcia arrived within 1/2 hour, couldn't have been nicer or more helpful--not to mention just a joy to deal with! Since we were close to home, but stuck in a parking lot, he offered to follow us home and replace the battery at our house. I happily ate my lunch while he took care of everything. This was an incredibly positive experience--except for the dead battery, of course. - Carol, Tulsa
  • My AAA battery technician's assistance on my service call was jaw dropping. Unbelievable service, compassion, knowledge, help and sincere concern for my overall safety becoming stranded with a dead battery and my 3yo great-nephew and 5yo great niece in the car. He went beyond putting in and testing a new battery, he checked my engine switch and alternator. Also checked the air in my tires-they were low and he filled all 4 of them to their recommended pressure. He then gave me a copy of the test results he ran on the new battery. Also had a lot of corrosion on the battery cables which he thoroughly cleaned with a chemical and wire brush. I am totally blown away by his dedication to AAA clients which he kept referring to as my AAA customers. You have an incredible employee who represents the best of AAA. He is definitely a keeper -- wish all the individuals in customer service industry were half as caring as he was. - Margo, Oklahoma City