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A Home Inventory is a must-Have for all homeowners.

AAA World Article

When it comes to preparing for a disaster, most homeowners forget one important thing: an inventory of the contents of their home. In fact, only half of homeowners have a home inventory of the possessions they’d want their insurance company to replace in case of a fire, theft or other disaster, reports the Insurance Information Institute. Not having a home inventory can make the claims process more difficult as well as more time-consuming.


Follow these four easy steps to create a home inventory.

1. Grab your camera, smartphone, or pen and paper to record all your home’s contents that you’d want your insurance company to replace in the event that you must file a claim.

2. Keep copies of sales receipts for costly items, and note product models and serial numbers.

3. Store your home inventory in a safe and easily accessible place, such as online, with friends or family, or in a safe-deposit box.

4. Add the replacement costs for all the items in your home inventory to make sure you have enough insurance. Not all policies cover the actual replacement costs, so be sure to check with your insurance agent to ensure that you have the coverage you need. 


Visit, or stop by your local AAA Store to talk with an insurance agent about your homeowner’s insurance.


This article originally appeared in the September/October 2019 edition of AAA World.

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