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Ensuring Summer Safety

AAA World Article

Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors—and an important time to keep safety top of mind.

Grill Safety

More than 5,700 grill fires happen every year, causing an average of $37 million in damage and thousands of visits to emergency rooms, according to the Insurance Information Institute. When grilling, follow these safety guidelines:

  • Keep your grill at least 10 feet from your home and deck.
  • Never leave a grill unattended.
  • Keep your grill clean from grease and fat build-up.
  • Store propane tanks outside and away from your home.

Pool Safety

Nearly 10 people a day, including 2 children aged 14 or younger, die from unintentional drowning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury death in the U.S. Take these precautions to increase your pool safety:

  • Use a safety cover for the pool when it is not in use.
  • Surround the pool with a fence or barrier, no less than four feet high, per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. 
  • Keep lifesaving equipment such as life rings, floats or a reaching pole nearby.
  • Supervise children at all times, even when they are not in the pool. Drowning can happen quickly and silently, so it’s important to both listen and watch.

Also ensure you have the right homeowner’s insurance in the event of an accident or loss. Review and update your coverage at least once a year and also whenever you make changes that could affect your insurance—for example, if you install a new pool, construct updates or additions to your home, or move. Visit, call 877-422-2477, or go to your local AAA Store to learn more.

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