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AAA World Article


Choose Automatic Renewal for Less Worry, More Fun

AAA World Article

It happens all the time: a worried member calls or rushes into a AAA Store explaining that, with everything going on in life, they forgot to renew their membership and don’t want to drive without AAA coverage. In response, we suggest Automatic Renewal so that they never have to worry about a lapse in their protection again.

If this sounds like you—super busy and searching for ways to simplify your life—Automatic Renewal may be right for you, too. It’s easy to sign up, and once you do, you can drive with confidence knowing that your benefits won’t be interrupted.

Let us help make your life easier. To enroll in Automatic Renewal, go to, call 866-MEMBERS (866-636-2377), or visit your local AAA Store.   

This article originally appeared in the September/October 2019 edition of AAA World.

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